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Here is a list of the most common questions I get asked and the solutions I recommend. 

Q: My wifi is slow or not working correctly or My printer won't print or My devices won't connect or stream audio or video. 
A: Unplug power cable to router for 30 seconds. Some systems have a router and a modem. Please power off both Router and Modem. While waiting for your router to reset also power off the affected device. Laptop, Tablet, Printer or PC. Meaning they need to completely power off not just go to sleep. If unsure unplug power or Hold down power button until it goes off. This solution will fix most common issues with most wireless and wired devices. If this continues, a new router or network restructure may be required. 

Q: When I turn on my TV with Harmony remote the TV says no signal.
A: Check to see if the cablebox is on. Sometimes certain TV providers will turn off instead of on and Vise Versa. You can manually turn of the cablebox to fix this issue. Once corrected the remote should work fine.
If this does not work try the Help button on the remote. Touch screen remotes will require pressing the 3 line menu button to access the help feature. 

Q: My harmony remote is frozen or will not respond to commands. (Harmony Elite or Ultimate remote only)
A: Hold down the off button until lights go out and then place in the charging cradle. If still not working unplug the power cord in the back of the Harmony Hub near devices. Plug back in and wait for green light. If still no green light than the hub is no longer connected to the Wifi. Open Harmony App in IOS device a click setup new hub. Follow prompts to reconnect the wifi by pressing the button the back of the Hub. Once reconnected use configured settings DO NOT SETUP as NEW HUB or all settings will be deleted and require a service call. 

Q: Why should I add an Access point instead of an additional router.
A: Routers are designed to route the network traffic to where they need to go. They assign IP addresses that allow the devices to operate on the network. This is called Dynamic Routing. Having more than one of these devices on the same network can cause issues. Maybe not at first, but you will have to reset things more often. As long as the 2 routers dont conflict by having the same IP addresses you may be fine for standard use. Like keeping your All in One Router/Modem provided by the cable company connected and adding your own High Powered router. This can work as long as you turn off the Wifi on the Cable companies device and plug any wired devices into the new Router not the ISP's router. 

Wired Access points will just create a new Wifi signal but use the main router to control the traffic. This is the best way to extend Wifi throughout your home for a seamless operation. This will allow you to communicate with devices upstream and downstream. Access points will allow you to have another Wifi network in a different part of the house but still have access to everything on the network even if the devices are using the main router. We also offer Mesh systems that will mix all your access points together in one Name that can be seen all over. These system are a little more money but are well worth the expense. 
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