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We can make any idea a reality. Large format TVs are very affordable these days. We offer Samsung and Sony TVs in every size up to 85". If you can dream it up, I can make it look cool. Call or Text Robert to get a quote today. 919-390-5303 

We offer Paypal and all Major Credit Cards** for your next Installation. Get it done now and pay over time.

Ask us how to get Commercial free music for your home or business. We offer fully licensed music options for your retail space.

Need help streaming Live TV! We can get you started for $199 installed and setup. This includes a New 4K UHD Roku streaming player, installation in your home, setup of your streaming accounts, and a lesson on how to use the system. We can also upgrade your Wifi to allow streaming in every room. We offer Whole house WiFi Mesh systems. This means one WiFi network for your whole house. Did you already purchase a great WiFi system that's not performing? Let us optimize your current system. Call Robert for details. 919-390-5303
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Dynaudio Acoustics M3XE 12" 3-Way Monitors with PLM 12K44 4-Channel Amplifier  Sale Now only $36,000
Above: A Mantle Mount is used to lower TV over mantle when in use. It can be moved back above the mantle with the help of Two gas shocks. Similar to what you find on a car tailgate. Very cool design. Click the link above for purchasing options. Below: If you look close. You can see there is an opening behind the TV. It was originally designed as a nook. We can adapt your nook to fit any size TV.

Here at A1 Installer we offer our customers a completely unbiased opinion on what we like and don't like. Those of you that have enjoyed or services know we don't push many products. We sell mostly affordable cables and accessories.

Home Technology is our specialty. We can set-up or install just about any home entertainment product available today. So when you cant get your new toy to work, or you simply cant get Netflix and Pandora working, give us a call. Chances are we have experienced the same problems your having. Often times we can offer a simple fix that will save you hours of headache. We have a minimum service charge of $90 for a house call. However if we cant fix it or diagnose it, there is no charge.

Wireless Streaming Audio systems are becoming a big part of our business. The biggest and some think the best of these companies is Sonos. In the past year Samsung Denon and Sony have offered similar products with varying levels of success. We can help you choose which of these products that will fit your budget and your taste. I want it to sound great but it has to look even better. Call Robert with any questions.

   This is the New Denon Heos System. Its very similar to the Sonos Playbar. I found the sound quality to be very impressive for the price point. If you're considering Sonos, which is awesome by the way, the Denon Heos System will get you started with a wireless subwoofer at the same cost as a Sonos Playbar without one. 

We offer the full line of Sonos products. Please call for pricing.

**There may be a 2.95% charge added to credit card transactions over $100. We will notify you prior to adding this to your bill. We also accept  cash and local checks. Please call Robert directly if you have any questions about payment. 
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